Technical Analysis on Canadian Marijuana stocks....(6-21-2018)

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by Trudy on Tiko-Traders

Today (June 7 2018) the Senate voted to send marijuana well on its way to becoming legal in Canada. Who ever thought that I would care? Don’t like the smell....on the other hand, the smell of $$$ is the sweetest thing!! Wanted to get into the MJ Stock market but knew that if left to my own devices I’d squander everything. Any chat rooms I visited were pretty rough.....calling each other morons, a.holes etc. Every post was a “call out or challenge”. Found Tiko Traders on YouTube last summer. He was nice, supportive, polite and certainly had a lot of experience I was prepared to learn from...

by Ayhan on Tiko-Traders
Kill three birds with one stone.

I seriously wanted to get in stock market and registered myself with Quote Stream in early Jan-2018 but I couldn't find anything that I can learn using this application while I was trying to trade for Marijuana stocks. Basically, I didn't know anything about TSX, Stocks, QS, reading charts EMA's, MACD, RSI, Candlestick, Bollinger Bands etc etc, nothing. I was searching in YouTube if I could find something about QS to learn it but there was nothing, absolutely nothing, except I found Tiko-Traders. Guess what happened? "Kill three birds with one stone". 1. Quote Stream - teaching...

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MJ News

Technical analysis on Canadian marijuana stocks 6/21/2018.

“We’re ready to hit the ground running.” – Vic Neufeld, CEO of Aphria

17 weeks until Oct. 17. The countdown begins!

Hello everyone
Today's analysis on weed, aph, acb, ogi, isol, lhs, huge, tny, pas, n, fire is posted on our website.

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