Technical Analysis on Marijuana Stocks WEED, APH, ACB, TRST XLY, HIP (09/18/18)

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by Nick Hass on Tiko-Traders
Traders Boot Camp Courses

Just finished Traders Boot Camp Volume One, 6 extremely affordable & informative videos that were nicely narrated, to the point, no fluff, easy to comprehend and very entertaining. A true step by step series on how to properly trade in today's Stock Market. This is for real folks. If you want to trade stocks for a living or as a sideline you are in the right place. Thank You Tiko-Traders!

by Nick Hass on Tiko-Traders
I have never looked back!

If you hold stocks in the Cannabis sector Tiko Traders is a must have in your tool chest. Technical analysis from professional traders, up to the min news and the ability to trade along with the professionals is at your fingertips. This is real folks!

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