Marijuana stocks: Aphria Aurora Canopy + TAX Cleanup (12/17/2018)

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“Welcome traders to the Tiko community, our happiness and well-being depends on the strength of the bonds between us and the people around us. Trading here, will help you to build necessary education and tools to become an effective sock operator.” - Yuri

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"Success is no accident, it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing"

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Mariusz Statkiewicz
Mariusz Statkiewicz
18:38 28 Oct 18
The best place to learn from some of the best traders in the industry- I have learned lots from Tiko Traders and as a result of using some of the rules taught, I have made a very nice income. Thank you Tiko Traders!
Stock Analysis
Stock Analysis
00:03 26 Oct 18
If you want to make money in the stock market you need to understand the rules and how to trade properly. I came across Tiko Traders out of the blue on youtube. The team are some of the nicest down to earth people you will meet. If your a new or experienced trader subscribe and follow the educational videos and chat room sessions. Tiko and the team understand how to trade successfully and will share with you a lifetime of summarized educational trading information. I'm amazed this program is so inexpensive. I've already made more in 6 months than I have in the last 10 years listening to financial advisors. Take your time, learn from them and paper trade for a while until you become profitable. It can truly be life more
Ade Shode
Ade Shode
02:43 31 Oct 18
If you're a newbie, or still not confidence with trading, or investing, Tiko Traders' the best place to learn! They're pros, and well knowledgeable about the concept of the market. Just in the cause of less than six months, I've benefited more experience than my entire period of trading. I'm learning and enjoying so much everyday from the team; ging from live chat room, educational videos, team research on stocks, stocks analysis videos (after the market daily), charts posting consistently during trading hours, just to name a few benefits as a member. Since joining the team, my portfolio has hugely diversified. I've gained enormous knowledge, and confidence. Kudos for the Bootcamp videos, packed with all the essential tools needed to be a pro day trader, cost less than a descent dinner for two, or free for a yearly membership. Pitifully, I used to trade only penny stocks, and lost thousands of dollars, but now, I can proudly say I only friends the giant stocks in the sector(s). The best of all, there’s no name calling, bulling, or criticizing one another in the chat room. And no one is insulting, or belittling another for no experience, or asking any question, just like I’ve seen on other forums. The team leaders: Tiko, Amit, Katie and Yuri are great, always in the chat room trading with members, answering questions and sharing their knowledge, also the members are exceptionally helpful to one another... Great Place to Learn and Safe place to Trade! Thanks Tiko Traders for all you're doing!!!read more
John conn
John conn
20:06 25 Oct 18
Always, always hire a pro. I have come to realize that my decision to pay for a membership here at Tiko Traders has been a very good idea. I've learned so much in a short period of time here from the Tiko Team. You pick up a lot just by reading what everyone is talking about, there are some many great people here. It has already helped and I am ing some money. It is wonderful to be part of a positive group of people in a world filled with so much negativity. We’ve got a really great group of people in this community – Thank you! Tiko Team and everyone that comes here on a daily basis. So.....Why hire a pro? My Wife’s iPhone battery was not working so great, as usual I fully believe that I can do anything. How hard could it be? (I recall having the same thoughts about day trading) I ordered the repair kit on Amazon, it came with a battery and the good ole same day delivery. I get home from a meeting last night, my wife excitedly tells me that the package came and she successfully opened her phone and disconnected the screen. Perfect!!!!! “Step aside sweetheart, I’ve got this”. Long story short…… I almost set my house on fire. Yep…… poked the battery, boom, flames. On the bedroom floor! I Could have paid a pro. $50. Now I’m looking at $400+ for a new phone, and $500+ for new carpet. Oh and hopefully I don’t get some sort of disease from the lithium gas and smoke. Don't let your ego get in the way, you don't know what you don't know. I’m grateful to be part of this community and grateful that you all are part of it also. In life, it is okay ask for help, it is okay seek professional advice. Everyone needs a little help from time to time. Don't let your hard earned money go up in flames. Hire the pros @ Tiko Traders!read more
nick hass
nick hass
21:08 25 Oct 18
Well beyond my expectations! The best investment I have made in a long time. Through the educational videos provided by Tiko Traders and 100% guidance from professional stock traders, I have managed to clear over $17,000.00 in a mere 8 weeks. Tiko-Traders gave me step by step guidance in understanding how the Market works, how the Market Makers k, when to trade and when to sit back and observe the list goes on. There is never a shortage of information, I never trading alone, the team is always there to answer any questions and give advice. Tiko Traders is a Team of like-minded individuals who come together every day to win! If you are sick and tired of loosing or want to hone your trading skills join Team Tiko- Traders you will be happy you did, I know I am. Thank you, Tiko, Katie, Amit, Yuri, and the whole team. Nick Hassread more
Daniel Delgado
Daniel Delgado
11:33 09 Nov 18
After the Bootcamp 2 Video. My trading has been a better experience for me. Now I know what I looking at and understand it. Watching the Tiko-Traders videos on youtube I knew I wanted to buy BootCamp 1 & 2. After watching the BootCamp videos, the information really sinks in. Amit gives a Awesome delivery on these videos, he grabs you attention as e explains the indicators on the screen. I have watched these videos twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I know I said something about these videos last week. But these Bootcamps 1 & 2 really puts it together. Bootcamp 2 is the video that really opened my eyes. These videos really takes your trading to another level. Tiko-Traders Thank You!read more
23:18 27 Oct 18
Ive been with Tiko traders for the most of 2018 and ive been fortunate to be apart of this group. I really wish i found them sooner but hey, im here now! I have learned so much and saved so much money as well. I have lost money before Tiko traders because i had ZERO knowledge. Im no pro now, but I have had very nice gains due to the educational eos, tips and experiences from Tiko and the team. Tiko Traders breaks down what used to seem so 'confusing' into simple terms. They also provide many educational videos and technical analysis's as most groups do, However their Chatroom and Community IS the BEST! I cherish and really appreciate the direct communication with the traders themselves in the chat room. Even the other traders chip in and help each other as the days go on. So whatever you learn on your own time from the educational videos or BootCamp, you can practice live during trading hours with the team. And the team is ALWAYS there to answer any questions, provide charts, news articles etc. They are just amazing. They especially focus on those who are not as successful. They want to make sure EVERYONE is a winner. I had Team members reach out to me privately to help me overcome certain hurdles. That really stood out to me and i am forever grateful. Ive seen them grow and their growth is well deserved. Thank you Tiko Traders and keep striving forward!read more
Shawn Walton
Shawn Walton
10:03 21 Nov 18
I am investing in marijuana stocks by reading the news, websites and even some sedar statements, but my entries and exits are so off. I wanted to know what charting platforms and what tools I should learn to use. I found it here, and so much more. I am learning from their experience. This team is excellent. Thank-you guys!
Troytex Ott
Troytex Ott
02:41 24 Nov 18
Great site for honest info about US and Ca Cannabis pump and fake news summaries...honest info about the markets and how the big guys make money by false info and reports and news releases..Check out the great videos on how to trade..price is dirt cheap and the information is more than worth one small trade error..They are ...and will be better in the near future with new info ..Nov 23,2018 Troytex in Texas, USAread more
Julie Dulong Design
Julie Dulong Design
13:10 17 Nov 18
The Tiko Traders team provides lots of great content and regular video analysis which is full of good advice and care about how to participate in the markets and in investing groups in general. I've learned a lot through the training materials and seriously wanted to quit my day job to trade... alas, not yet. I did find the chat room a little bit ntimidating as a newbie but overall a great more
03:12 16 Dec 18
Wow. I dont have any other words to describe the experience. The group is fun, educational, inspiring and welcoming. Fantastic people, tiko, amit, katie, yuri and everyone else involved. Definitely an experience someone who is a trader needs to do. Thank you soo much for everything guys.. looking forward to the gain train 😁🚄
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