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by Nick Hass on Tiko-Traders
Traders Boot Camp Courses

Just finished Traders Boot Camp Volume One, 6 extremely affordable & informative videos that were nicely narrated, to the point, no fluff, easy to comprehend and very entertaining. A true step by step series on how to properly trade in today's Stock Market. This is for real folks. If you want to trade stocks for a living or as a sideline you are in the right place. Thank You Tiko-Traders!

by Nick Hass on Tiko-Traders
I have never looked back!

If you hold stocks in the Cannabis sector Tiko Traders is a must have in your tool chest. Technical analysis from professional traders, up to the min news and the ability to trade along with the professionals is at your fingertips. This is real folks!

by Adeshode on Tiko-Traders
Best place to learn and trade

I don't usually write reviews, but I feel obligated to express my astounding experience with Tiko Traders in just a month.
As a matter of fact, I’m writing this for novice/newbies like me searching for a reliable, informative, and reputable forum to become a member of. I can boldly and enthusiastically say, search no more, you’re at the right place...

Prior to taking up membership here, I have joined about four others, with expensive membership fees, ranging from $55 -$99 a month. I didn’t mind the fees but did not gain anything beneficial from it all, truth be told I gained absolutely nothing and ended up feeling like it was total waste of time and money.
I stumbled on Tiko Traders video on Youtube, and I decided to give it a try and that was the beginning of my turn around.

Since joining this team, my portfolio has hugely diversified. I have gained so much knowledge, support, and a bit more self-confidence in one month than in one year of hopping around forum to forum to learn about trading. I used to trade penny stocks and didn’t even know when to buy or sell, and as a result, lost so much money. But now, I’m getting the concept of the game, trading the giants like WEED, APH, ACB and others, its incredible and all thanks to the Tiko Traders Team! Katie, for giving me the courage and support needed at the start and always there, my T.weed mentor lol. Tiko and Amit, for always posting the charts, and for all the helpful videos you make on youtube and for members, as well as hints on how to go about the market each given day. Not to mention, Yuri, for sharing your findings on companies like LHS. To the amazing, fun and wonderful members, who bring their sincere insights and knowledge to the chat room and help out whenever needed, like Cass, 905marine, Wade, Mcbain, Jonathan, Jjec Lillia, too many names to mention, God bless you all, I couldn’t asked for a better place to learn this business than here…

The chat room is quite an enormous experience, it’s so much fun, respectable, helpful and lots of learning for me. It actually feels like we’re all in one giant room conversing and telling one another what and when to execute a trade. Unbelievable, it’s only the Tiko Traders that I've seen trading together with their members from Monday to Friday. They're answering to questions, guiding members on different trades, posting charts at members request, or to show the direction of the market consistently, their great work is priceless!
The best of all, there’s no name calling, bulling, criticizing, insulting, or belittling one another for not having experience, or asking questions, like I’ve seen on other forums, nothing of such. All the people are well-mannered, intelligent and encouraging people. Even though I’ve got a lot to learn, what I've learned in the span of one month on this forum is insane, and well worth more than the fee!
Appreciate everyone's help!

by Trudy on Tiko-Traders

Today (June 7 2018) the Senate voted to send marijuana well on its way to becoming legal in Canada. Who ever thought that I would care? Don’t like the smell....on the other hand, the smell of $$$ is the sweetest thing!! Wanted to get into the MJ Stock market but knew that if left to my own devices I’d squander everything. Any chat rooms I visited were pretty rough.....calling each other morons, a.holes etc. Every post was a “call out or challenge”. Found Tiko Traders on YouTube last summer. He was nice, supportive, polite and certainly had a lot of experience I was prepared to learn from. Then came Amit, Katie, Yuri and the rest of the team. OK!! I pop in and out of the chat room all day long.. don’t say much..but read every word...watch every video and absorbe every bit of knowledge I can find there. In every business I’ve ever owned ... it takes money to make money. The yearly membership fees were recouped the first month. It could be someone drawing attention to an undervalued stock or drawing attention to certain breaking news etc .... could save or make hundreds just in one trade. Heck, the technical analysis, education and insight are worth thousands. Try it for a month, no great loss if there’s no value in it for you. Business cost: $30/m Tiko Traders & $110/m Quotestream and a laptop. You’re good to go. I’m an investor at heart but swing trade and day trade when there’s $$$s to be made. Did I mention that I make good money at this? And we’ve only just begun. Legalization in Canada!! Go Canada Thanks Tiko Traders

by Ayhan on Tiko-Traders
Kill three birds with one stone.

I seriously wanted to get in stock market and registered myself with Quote Stream in early Jan-2018 but I couldn't find anything that I can learn using this application while I was trying to trade for Marijuana stocks.

Basically, I didn't know anything about TSX, Stocks, QS, reading charts EMA's, MACD, RSI, Candlestick, Bollinger Bands etc etc, nothing.

I was searching in YouTube if I could find something about QS to learn it but there was nothing, absolutely nothing, except I found Tiko-Traders.

Guess what happened?
"Kill three birds with one stone".

1. Quote Stream - teaching by Tiko
2. Learn how to read charts, Fibonacci, EMA's, RSI's etc
3. Learn in-and-out Marijuana stocks.

Because of this, I feel that I simply owe a thank you to Tiko-Traders.
I didn't mind registering just to appreciate Tiko, Amit and Katie for the great new website.

Of course, I also want to get benefit of live-chat, critics to increase my earnings as well, additionally I still need to learn using stop losses on the RBC Direct investment, hoping to see a video about it:-)

Keep up the good work.

by Johnathan on Tiko-Traders
Always Hire The Pros

Always, always hire a pro. I have come to realize that my decision to pay for a membership here at Tiko Traders has been a very good idea. I've learned so much in a short period of time here from the Tiko Team. You pick up a lot just by reading what everyone is talking about, there are some many great people here. It has already helped and I am making some money. It is wonderful to be part of a positive group of people in a world filled with so much negativity. We’ve got a really great group of people in this community – Thank you! Tiko Team and everyone that comes here on a daily basis. So.....Why hire a pro? My Wife’s iPhone battery was not working so great, as usual I fully believe that I can do anything. How hard could it be? (I recall having the same thoughts about day trading) I ordered the repair kit on Amazon, it came with a battery and the good ole same day delivery. I get home from a meeting last night, my wife excitedly tells me that the package came and she successfully opened her phone and disconnected the screen. Perfect!!!!! “Step aside sweetheart, I’ve got this”. Long story short…… I almost set my house on fire. Yep…… poked the battery, boom, flames. On the bedroom floor! I Could have paid a pro. $50. Now I’m looking at $400+ for a new phone, and $500+ for new carpet. Oh and hopefully I don’t get some sort of disease from the lithium gas and smoke.Don't let your ego get in the way, you don't know what you don't know.I’m grateful to be part of this community and grateful that you all are part of it also. In life, it is okay ask for help, it is okay seek professional advice. Everyone needs a little help from time to time.Don't let your hard earned money go up in flames.Hire the pros @ Tiko Traders!

by WadingInWeed on Tiko-Traders

What a great Friday!!! I have always considered Friday the 13th a lucky day, and today was proof... All of my MJ finished green after an interesting start lol. The site is great guys! Kudos again to Katie and team!!! I was going to pst the Trump article, however it appears that would just be redundant! Loving Tiko's "Unchained and Unedited" analysis and trading vids!!! TikoTraders is my favorite stock trading community/family! 🙂 Have an excellent weekend, Cheers!

by Tito on Tiko-Traders

Hey Tiko, I’ve finally gotten around to register as a member here. I think I’m one of the earliest to subscribe to your channel on Youtube and I’ve been watching your videos ever since. Today we celebrate Aphria’s amazing achievement and I would also like to thank you for your amazing insights and guidance. Cheers!

by Chris on Tiko-Traders

Firstly, I congratulate the Tiko team ! I am honored to be apart of your growing community. I’m the one on YouTube, that sometimes left, not the greatest comment’s. In part I wanted to know how you would respond. You came up 5 big stars. That would be 5 out of 5 ! I have watched you grow, acomplishing your dreams. I asked a few requests on your YouTube video’s you were receptive, and simply did it. You care about people. We are not just numbers, or just subscribers. As I put it..”Down to Earth ” .A place I could come to and feel that it’s okay to feel a bit down on red days. But to take profits on green days. You are all wonderful people. I am a big fan of Tiko- Traders. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours ~ Much deserved success is coming your way ~ Bless you all ~

by kemetunity on Tiko-Traders

I´m new in this site, but i follow your videos for a while now. Really glad to found your videos. keep up the good work

by mcgiver on Tiko-Traders

Thanks to tiko and everone I have learned so much from your tutorials. you have given so much to everyone. My act. is up 32% this year

by js on Tiko-Traders

I found out about Tiko Traders searching for videos on Youtube with ticker symbols I was interested in. Tiko’s videos were amazing to watch, since I had never heard of other people’s interpretations of the market before (and admittedly didn’t know too much about even candlesticks and actually HOW technical indicators work). It was clear where my knowledge deficits were as a very amateur investor after watching his videos. Tiko explained everything I felt I needed to know in the Trading Lessons, which he applies to his day analysis. Tiko’s enthusiasm and openness to share his experience and ideas were both captivating and motivating to learn from. His Trading Lessons present advanced knowledge in trading that is a privilege and blessing to learn, especially to be shared by Tiko openly to everyone. Words can’t express the confidence I feel in filling my once mediocre, risky, and ill-informed trading style into one more thoughtful and equipped to make a greater number of profitable transactions.
I give my thanks to Amit as well. Amit is equally as open and willing to share as Tiko. To have two teachers is amazing, I value both Amit and Tiko’s insight so much. I thank everyone in the chat room sincerely for sharing their insights, thoughts and experiences as well. I feel the support everyone has for each other (no resistance, just blue skyies 😉 ). I look forward to my 2 week days off from work to ride the waves with everyone in the chatroom.
I’ve waited since November to write the review, to say that since finding out about Tiko Traders, I was able to exceed my goal for my account growth I set in January 2017. Thank you Tiko and everyone so incredibly much!

by Odie on Tiko-Traders

THANK-YOU to Tiko and everyone in this Chat line……As a new trader i wanted to thank everyone for all their input i see everyday and especially Tiko video has thought me alot and am sure i need to learn a whole lot…..My goal when i started was to make $50 a day, $1000 a month, with 8more days to go i am sitting here with a net profit of $938 and without of all your help i would never of reach that…….anyone starting out I highly recommend learning from the chat line and Tiko fantastic video……Anyway as quiet as i am when in the chat line I am learning and to all of you Thank-you and Tiko keep those video coming…… Again, Thank-you

by Arty on Tiko-Traders

I came across Tiko Traders on Youtube on September 9th and have been following the guidelines and watching the videos ever since. The members chat room is like an extended family with so much news about the MJ sector, we are always ontop of every move or rumour that is happening. I’ve personally grown my portfolio by 32% since September 9th as of October 15th. Tiko provides a great environment for all traders whether you’re a rookie or expert day trader everyone has a voice and everyone is very very helpful, Cheers!!!

by Duane Hoeg on Tiko-Traders

I think we are on the crusp of a green rev. world wide Canada leading,trading around the world , like wine is to france 20 billon in sales by 2019 just in north america, hell ya I,m in

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