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by WadingInWeed on Tiko-Traders

What a great Friday!!! I have always considered Friday the 13th a lucky day, and today was proof... All of my MJ finished green after an interesting start lol. The site is great guys! Kudos again to Katie and team!!! I was going to pst the Trump article, however it appears that would just be redundant! Loving Tiko's "Unchained and Unedited" analysis and trading vids!!! TikoTraders is my favorite stock trading community/family! 🙂 Have an excellent weekend, Cheers!

by Tito on Tiko-Traders

Hey Tiko, I’ve finally gotten around to register as a member here. I think I’m one of the earliest to subscribe to your channel on Youtube and I’ve been watching your videos ever since. Today we celebrate Aphria’s amazing achievement and I would also like to thank you for your amazing insights and guidance. Cheers!

by Chris on Tiko-Traders

Firstly, I congratulate the Tiko team ! I am honored to be apart of your growing community. I’m the one on YouTube, that sometimes left, not the greatest comment’s. In part I wanted to know how you would respond. You came up 5 big stars. That would be 5 out of 5 ! I have watched you grow, acomplishing your dreams. I asked a few requests on your YouTube video’s you were receptive, and simply did it. You care about people. We are not just numbers, or just subscribers. As I put it..”Down to Earth ” .A place I could come to and feel that it’s okay to feel a bit down on red days. But to take profits on green days. You are all wonderful people. I am a big fan of Tiko- Traders. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours ~ Much deserved success is coming your way ~ Bless you all ~

by kemetunity on Tiko-Traders

I´m new in this site, but i follow your videos for a while now. Really glad to found your videos. keep up the good work

by mcgiver on Tiko-Traders

Thanks to tiko and everone I have learned so much from your tutorials. you have given so much to everyone. My act. is up 32% this year

by js on Tiko-Traders

I found out about Tiko Traders searching for videos on Youtube with ticker symbols I was interested in. Tiko’s videos were amazing to watch, since I had never heard of other people’s interpretations of the market before (and admittedly didn’t know too much about even candlesticks and actually HOW technical indicators work). It was clear where my knowledge deficits were as a very amateur investor after watching his videos. Tiko explained everything I felt I needed to know in the Trading Lessons, which he applies to his day analysis. Tiko’s enthusiasm and openness to share his experience and ideas were both captivating and motivating to learn from. His Trading Lessons present advanced knowledge in trading that is a privilege and blessing to learn, especially to be shared by Tiko openly to everyone. Words can’t express the confidence I feel in filling my once mediocre, risky, and ill-informed trading style into one more thoughtful and equipped to make a greater number of profitable transactions.
I give my thanks to Amit as well. Amit is equally as open and willing to share as Tiko. To have two teachers is amazing, I value both Amit and Tiko’s insight so much. I thank everyone in the chat room sincerely for sharing their insights, thoughts and experiences as well. I feel the support everyone has for each other (no resistance, just blue skyies 😉 ). I look forward to my 2 week days off from work to ride the waves with everyone in the chatroom.
I’ve waited since November to write the review, to say that since finding out about Tiko Traders, I was able to exceed my goal for my account growth I set in January 2017. Thank you Tiko and everyone so incredibly much!

by Odie on Tiko-Traders

THANK-YOU to Tiko and everyone in this Chat line……As a new trader i wanted to thank everyone for all their input i see everyday and especially Tiko video has thought me alot and am sure i need to learn a whole lot…..My goal when i started was to make $50 a day, $1000 a month, with 8more days to go i am sitting here with a net profit of $938 and without of all your help i would never of reach that…….anyone starting out I highly recommend learning from the chat line and Tiko fantastic video……Anyway as quiet as i am when in the chat line I am learning and to all of you Thank-you and Tiko keep those video coming…… Again, Thank-you

by Arty on Tiko-Traders

I came across Tiko Traders on Youtube on September 9th and have been following the guidelines and watching the videos ever since. The members chat room is like an extended family with so much news about the MJ sector, we are always ontop of every move or rumour that is happening. I’ve personally grown my portfolio by 32% since September 9th as of October 15th. Tiko provides a great environment for all traders whether you’re a rookie or expert day trader everyone has a voice and everyone is very very helpful, Cheers!!!

by Duane Hoeg on Tiko-Traders

I think we are on the crusp of a green rev. world wide Canada leading,trading around the world , like wine is to france 20 billon in sales by 2019 just in north america, hell ya I,m in

by Ed on Tiko-Traders

Tiko brings a unique perspective into trading that I have not come across before. He is extremely insightful and what I love most is that he talks a lot about the physcology of trading more than anything. This is something I feel is a best kept secret for beginner traders like myself. I watched a ton of youtube videos about trading and technical analysis when I started doing it in Janaury, but never did I feel fully equipped to truly succeed until now. The knowledge that he passes is invaluable and the community that we are building is very exciting. Everyday I wake up now, I look forward to jumping in the chatroom to trade, learn, and grow with everyone. Thank you Tiko for all of your hard work and passion.

by Nimai on Tiko-Traders

The right place to be for beginners and professionals for day trading. A Great and exciting place to be while day trading. Tiko and Amit are doing great work. Keep it up guys !

by T. on Tiko-Traders

Came across Tiko and his Team on twitter, I initially bought into an HMMJ Etf with the plans to hold, I bought on launch day and quickly lost 35% of my investment. Since I have sold and have been swing/day trading. In a short time I had my account back to even, Since I have been able to continue profiting and am up 25% over all. The lessons are great, and the Youtube videos have given insight into how the world of trading works, this is a living and breathing monster, With the help of Tiko We can slay the trading dragon!!!! Great community

by Rocky on Tiko-Traders

Team Tiko, Is a wonderful place to be. He is a great teacher mentor and I look forward to keep making money with Team Tiko.

by KB on Tiko-Traders

Hey Tiko….. this message is way over due Brother and I wanted to say “Thank You !!!” for all Your help and for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me and all of us !! And for getting me into the stock market arena, very much appreciated and I’ve profited 30% so far doing this part time. I have been watching your Videos on YouTube since you started and they are Great!!! Keep up the Awesome work !!! Also a Shout Out to Amit !!! and the rest of the Crew !!!. Great community…. which makes us stronger as already mentioned. I also love to check the live chats every chance I get… they are Super Helpful !!! Looking forward to the newest one already haha….Thanks again……

by Lurie on Tiko-Traders

I found Tiko on YouTube, and after I moved to his website. His experience and devotion to show how to TRADE shocked me!!! Every day trading with TIKO-TEAM, I become stronger… The Guys that I’ve met here are the best, we share our market views, trends, news, opportunities… and after we are ALL the WINNERS. Here I am at 6 o’clock in the morning, during the day and after the market closes to make my job and help others as much as I can. “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a DAY in your life”. What we have made until now is just the beginning of our future as TIKO-TEAM. “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” Henry Ford. Thank you TEAM !!!

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