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Volume 1 – Trading Secrets

1. How to Become a Trader

What is stock Trading?
Why do you want to be a trader?
What qualifies you to become a trader
Goals for Tiko-Traders
Basic Terminology

2. Level 1 & Level 2

Understanding your broker
Level 1 vs. Level 2
Level 2 and Time and Sales

3. Truth About the Stock Market

What is the market place?
What are market makers?
How do stocks travel?
How do prints translate to charts?

4. Long and Short

Facts about buying long and shorting
Buying long explained
Selling short explained

5. How to Manage Your Risk

Risk to profit ratios
The 1/3 risk ratio
What are entry and exit points
How to control the trade?

6. Trade with Momentum: the Best Time to Trade

Trading time zones (yearly)
Daily reversals
The psychology behind reversals


Volume 2 – Indicator Trading

1. Charts

2. Indicators

3. Trends

4. Trend Reversals

5. Volumes

7. Trading Styles

8. Overnight Holdings

9. Support-Resistance

10. Sars

11. EMA’s

12. MACD

13. RSI

14. Bollinger Bands

15. Candlesticks

16. Fibs

17. Pioneers

18. ATR

19. Stochastic